Mar 10, 2010



This morning, there is a portion in Unang Hirit 2010 that they interviewed Mr. Jay Sonsa (I don't know if he is an independent candidate for V.President) and Ms. Jamby Madrigal (Presidential Candidate, an independent one). Accidentally, when I opened the television Mr. Sonsa was in the hot seat. (I love listening pa naman with candidates point of view. Nakakapagtaka, I am not interested with what he was telling. Never mind, maybe I am not in the mood by then.) Afterwards, Ms. Madrigal was in the hot seat. There are guests that ask her some questions, about family inheritance, corruption, ability and one question that strikes the most is how she directly accused that Mr. Manny Villar (a presidential candidate) was a land rober. Fearless, she answered all the questions against Mr. Villar. (Wow! that's the only thing I could tell. She is a very brave lady. I could compare her to Gabriela Silang by that time.)

As for now, Noynoy Aquino (a presidential candidate also) is my vote. But I admire Ms. Madrigal for being so brave. A good example of a Filipina. She is not that famous like the others but it's a good thing that she left a good mark with somebody like "me". (Oops! Nililinaw ko lang po, solid Noy-Noy ako!. Nagkataon lang na nagustuhan ko ang mga sagot niya at mga hirit kay Villar, na bentang benta talaga.)

Wow, Some Woman are so exceptional.


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haha!!! walang lusot ako!!!!