Oct 19, 2010


Bakit nga ba ako tahimik?
Pwes! Ayoko ng gulo, ayoko ng madaldal, ayoko ng iskandalo, hindi ako takot ayoko lang talaga…
Kilala ako ng mga kaibigan ko at ng pamilya ko na palaban, madaldal, matapang at malakas ang loob sa pagkakaalam ko. Pero wag ka pag panahon ng iyakan ako rin ang nangungunang umiyak mababaw ang mga luha ko, siguro andoon pa rin ang dahilan na….. babae ako.
Nakakapagtaka, may kaunting aligasyon ukol sa aming kumpanya ngayon tila lumalaki na, bagong padala lamang kasi kami dito sa South Korea para magtraining… yun ang sabi nila… at ito ang number one issue sa amin ngayon. Hindi ko lubos maisip na ganito ang mangyayari…
TRAINING, yes! Ito nga! Sabihin natin na ito ang nasa kontrata namin at ito ang dahilan kung bakit kami naririto ngayon. So what is the Main reason? Our company would establish a new subsidiary office in the Philippines; we are hired to study the system here at South Korea’s main office and applied it in the Philippines. So what are the things we needed to learn here? The people, the job, the system, the culture, the responsibility and how to communicate with them just…. Just to gain their TRUST. In return they also must learn the process of how they would outsource their projects with us. It was the plan before.
The problem is, how could we start the following plans? The president just disseminate us with his managers knowing that they all knew the plans,,, and this is where our story started…
We have some colleagues here that started their training 1 year ahead with us, they tried all their best to gain the trust of our fellow Korean officemates here but it doesn’t matter to them… Koreans treat us as their rivals, they think that we are here because we wanted to go with their shoes, but it’s not. We are just here for training not to have their position. Maybe they already knew our potentials,,, and now they treated us like nothing.
We just come to the office seating for all day… and have nothing to do but to just read and read and read.
We tried to report this situation with our superior in the Philippines to do some actions so we could have an appropriate training so that our time would not be wasted, but he is a man with lot of fears. He refuses every proposal that my colleagues suggested. He can’t make a decision because…. He is afraid that he proposes something to the higher management because of the possibility they will avoid it. He is afraid of trying and so as I... Our stay here is unpredictable… Korean loves surprises so as this…
My other officemates tried to have pinch actions regarding this; they do this and that… upon after all what happened I stay quiet and just “go with the flow” with them… and that is my mistake… I have this very bad manner if I don’t like something… I stay away with it, I avoided it, I ignored it.
I don’t really ignore it… it only happens that my suggestions are just the same with theirs.

There are a lot of fears that come out with us:
1. What would happen if after 2 years of our training nothings happen?
2. How about our binding contract?
3. Why does our superior don’t understand our situation?
4. Why our superior does avoided us?
5. When is the time will the company trust us to handle our own project?
6. Does the company really have a plan for us?
7. They did just do this for the sake of company stocks?
8. Are we not capable?
9. What actions should we do for them to listen?
10. What is our status here in the company?
11. Do we have to stay here?
12. Can we just agree that treated Filipino’s like this?
13. How can we go out of this if there’s no way out?
14. Can we still wait?
15. Who is the one to ask about this?
16. How hopeless are we?
We are hopeless….
Each of my colleagues is arguing for the right thing to do and who to ask. I know the hardship of my officemates and all the things I’ve done is just to agree.
Somewhat, I’m a part of it, it is our decision… we are united. I understand sometimes someone doesn’t agree with somebody’s suggestion it’s just that that everyone has decision and respect it.
That’s it! Everyone has freedom to suggest and decide.
Aside from this issue the second is… the undefeated reason of all times, the salary… well, who among of us would be happy if our company in the Philippines are subjecting us to taxes in our country and we also have taxes here in South Korea, isn’t it fair? Double tax at the same time, Blah! And we can’t do anything… A small amount of money here is subjected to tax as well in our country… I think my heart weighs 100kgs because of it.
These issues are just one of the few here but I stay quiet and agreed with all good suggestions of my colleagues. Why? Where is my tongue? What happened to you talkative jasmin…
Actually, I don’t stay quiet I really wanted to consult our superior about our continuing here, but somebody of my officemate did that and nothing happens. Months have passed already our status is undetermined, there were new Korean engineers in the office with no experience was given a big exposure rather than us that with experiences. Jealousy? Nope! Time is running we need to adopt all the things we needed so we could the start at the Philippines, but it seems that the management has no plans at all.
One time, when I’m so depressed I ask one of my girl friends about this, she ask me something in return, “Before you went there and decided to go there, pumasok ba sa isip mo na o naitanong mo na ba sa sarili mo na maaring mangyari ang bagay na ito??”, I replied, “Oo…” then she said to me… “and why are you complaining?”
Natahimik ako, tama siya, there are several times that I think that what if something would happen like this… would I still agree… Pero naatig sa sarili ko yung “bahala na si BATMAN”… Now what would I do? Why is there a big guilt in me?
Ego isn’t it Jasmin?

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